pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pneumonia Puts Stuart OGradys Comeback on Hold

pneumonia puts stuart ogradys comeback on hold   Pneumonia Puts Stuart OGradys Comeback on Hold

Australian cyclist Stuart O’Grady had plans to return to racing next Sunday in the Stan Siejka Launceton International Classic, but it looks as if those plans will be put on hold due to pneumonia. “I spent Wednesday to Friday with a raging fever, incredibly painful headaches, some chest pain and a few other nasty symptoms. I decided it was time to go into the hospital and get the diagnosis. I spent all Friday at the Royal Adelaide getting checked out, tested and so on, still feeling extremely ordinary. They diagnosed me with bacterial pneumonia. I have quite a serious chest infection and started antibiotics immediately. They released me from hospital Friday afternoon, and have been told to take it easy for 7-10 days,” he said. O’Grady had health problems during a MotoGP event in Spain not too long ago, after going on a “hot lap” which caused a seizure. He has also had two head injuries in the past ten years, with scars on his brain. His two-year-old daugther was in the hospital recently, for week-long quarantine due to swine flu. O’Grady is not sure yet when he will be back training. “Depending on the follow-through examinations, showing how my chest is improving (hopefully), that will decide when and how hard I can begin training. It’s been a very crazy past month, but my family’s health, and my own, comes before everything,” he says.