pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oscar Pereiro Returns to Tour Down Under with Astana

oscar pereiro returns to tour down under with astana   Oscar Pereiro Returns to Tour Down Under with Astana

32-year-old Oscar Pereiro will be part of Astana’s line-up in the Tour Down Under, which will begin next month. At the team’s first training camp in Pisa, Italy, the Spaniard said that he would return early in 2010 after a difficult year. “I raced at the Tour Down Under this year and the number of people watching the race really impressed me. It’s incredible, especially the opening criterium,” Pereiro says. He has yet to race after pulling out of the Tour early due to exhaustion. “The last years few years have been hard for me, I worked really hard to return after the crash at the 2008 Tour. I was too tired at this year’s Tour, in both my mind and my body. I didn’t like cycling at that point. But after three months at home I started to think, ‘Cycling is my life’ and I didn’t want to leave the sport by abandoning the Tour,” says Pereiro. While he has postponed his announced retirement, he still wants to become an actor in the future. “When I’m on the reality shows all the people tell me that I am talented and I do well. I need at least one more year before I decide what I’ll do after I stop racing.”