pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oscar Pereiro May Be Retiring

oscar pereiro may be retiring   Oscar Pereiro May Be Retiring

Oscar Pereiro’s plans to sign with Astana seem to have fallen through, and Pereiro says that he might be retiring. He had high hopes to ride alongside two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, but the amount of money that Astana wanted to offer Pereiro was too low. “I am a realist and when I won the Tour in 2006, I knew that I wasn’t going to win another one because I don’t have the quality that Alberto (Contador) has to try to win various grand tours. I know this is the end for me, but I did all that I could in cycling. It’s not something that’s sad. I am relaxed. I dream of going out or starting a new life,” Pereiro told La Voz de Galicia. “I didn’t hold a pistol to anyone’s head that they sign me. They called me and told me they didn’t want to negotiate, that there was a quantity of money, and that I was interested, move forward. The offer was good considering that I had a bad year and to be at the sided of Alberto was the best thing that could have happened to me,” he adds. A few days later, Astana wanted to renegotiate for a smaller amount. 32-year-old Pereiro says that he would like to go into television, either as broadcaster or presenter.

Via Velo News.