pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mark Cavendish Wants to Win in 2010

mark cavendish wants to win in 2010   Mark Cavendish Wants to Win in 2010

Mark Cavendish had a great season this year, winning six stages at the Tour de France. He says that his goals for the 2010 season will be the same as this season, which is to win as much as possible. “The green jersey will be my goal for next year. For sure, its a priority, but I am not going to sacrifice wins to sprint for points. At the end of the day, I should have won the jersey this year with the wins I had,” Cavendish told Velonews. Cavendish is currently finishing up team training camp in the Canary Islands of Spain. He said that the 2010 Tour route will be tough for him to win the green jersey. The last two weeks will feature a lot of climbs, which does not suit Cavendish very well. “Overall, its a harder Tour than last year. There’s only one time trial, that’s one less ‘rest’ day for me, if you get what I mean. There are five sprints, all in the first week, possibly eight total. I will train to win in the first week and then make it to Paris. It’s not like I am going home after a week. Let’s hope for the best in the first week and then survive the mountains to hold on for the jersey competition,” said Cavendish. “In the end of the day, I will never sacrifice wins just to get points. It will be hard to better than six next year. Never say never, but it’s unlikely. Every time I try to win, whether that means I win one stage or 20, I always try to win,” he adds. Cavendish remains confident in his team, even though riders like George Hincapie, Marcus Burghardt, and Michael Berry have left.

Via Velo News.