pinit fg en rect gray 20   Luis León Sánchez Sees Wins in His Future

luis leon sanchez sees wins in his future   Luis León Sánchez Sees Wins in His Future

Luis León Sánchez is excited about the 2010 season, and is expecting outcomes much like the ones he experienced this year – lots of wins. He had a stage win at the Tour de France and also won the Paris-Nice, proving that he is definitely going to be a contender for 2010. “It was a very good year. In addition to winning some important races, I’ve continued to advance my professional career. I’ve made another step forward especially in how to control a race. I feel mentally stronger and this is essential to keep improving in 2010 and to be at the front to challenge at the races,” says Sánchez. He also said that during the winter he avoided the gym so as not to put on too much mass. He rode a mountain bike to stay fit, and also married his long-time girlfriend. Sánchez already has the Tour Down Under, which he alraady won in 2005, as an early season goal. The 27-year old Spaniard wants more success in 2010. “I’d like to repeat 2009 and win a race like Paris-Nice, which is a little bit like may race because I’ve raced it every year since turning pro,” Sánchez said. Check back often to see how Luis León Sánchez is doing.

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