lance armstrong will lead team radioshack at tour down under   Lance Armstrong Will Lead Team RadioShack at Tour Down Under

Johan Bruyneel, team RadioShack’s manager, has announced on his Facebook page that Lance Armstrong will lead the team of seven at the Tour Down Under, which will take place January 17th through the 24th. Lance and his RadioShack teammates, Daryl Impey, Jason McCartney, Yaroslav Popovych, Sebastien Rosseler, Gert Steegmans, and Tomas Vaitkus will be at the event in South Australia. This will be Armstrong’s second appearance at the Tour Down Under after his return from retirement. His objectives this year will be the Tour of California, which takes place on May 16th through the 23rd, and the Tour de France, which takes place July 3rd through the 25th. Steegmans and Rossler have both appeared at the Tour Down Under before, while the others will be debuting.