pinit fg en rect gray 20   Johan Bruyneel Criticizes Alberto Contador

johan bruyneel criticizes alberto contador   Johan Bruyneel Criticizes Alberto Contador

Johan Bruyneel, RadioShack’s team manager, has recently made some critical comments about two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador in an interview with the Belgian magazine Knack. Bruyneel was both Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador’s manager with Astana, but it seems that he sides more with the American. When Bruyneel was asked what he thought about Contador’s comments that he didn’t have admiration towards Armstrong, he said “Alberto has to learn that fame is temporary. His feet have to come back to the ground.” “Contador hit the summit like a rocket. In 2007 he won the Tour when nobody expected it. Suddenly, he became a superstar, a product, a God in the eyes of all Spaniards. And he has money, as much as he wants, since then. It is not easy to deal with all of this when you’re just a 26-year-old rider from the suburbs of Madrid,” he adds. Bruyneel said that he has tried to change Alberto’s behavior, but to no avail. “I wasn’t able to slow it down, or not enough, anyway, in my point of view. That is another reason why I found it easier to part ways,” said Bruyneel.