pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gustavo César Veloso Breaks His Collarbone

gustavo cesar veloso breaks his collarbone   Gustavo César Veloso Breaks His Collarbone

Spanish cyclist Gustavo César Veloso suffered a broken collarbone yesterday resulting from a fall during a pre-season mountain bike ride. The Xacobeo Galicia rider will have surgery in Lugo, Spain, and will begin rehabilitation soon therefter. Veloso, who won stage nine of this year’s Vuelta a España, was riding his mountain bike for recovery after a cyclo-cross event when he crashed. “I had planned a ‘soft’ session today, since yesterday [Saturday] I had trained in the morning and in the evening I attended the cyclocross race. I was out with a cyclist. We were quiet. I put the wheel in a creek and was thrown over the handlebars,” Veloso says. “I tend to be very cautious, but I couldn’t help it. I think if I had gone a bit quicker the wheel would have come out of the doldrums, but as it slowly froze [I couldn't rectify it],” he added. The injury, however, shouldn’t hurt Veloso’s 2010 season very much at all. “I was training to start the season and looked sharp in cyclocross; without assuming any kind of risk every time [I rode] I was [getting] better. Now, after surgery, I will readjust my schedule,” he said.