pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro dItalia Director Meets With D.C. Mayor

giro d italia director meets with dc mayor   Giro dItalia Director Meets With D.C. Mayor

After very much speculation over whether or not the Giro d’Italia will begin on US soil, it seems as if the officials are moving one step closer to that goal by meeting face-to-face. Angelo Zomegnan, the Giro’s director, has met with Washington, D.C. mayor Adrian Fenty about starting the 2012 Giro here. Fenty didn’t strike a firm deal, but Mark Sommers, a lawyer who is heading a group trying to get the event here, called the meeting a success. “We can’t say it will 100 percent start here but we think that it is very, very possible and we’re moving forward to work together. There are a lot of things that must happen in the next few weeks before we can say it’s 100 percent. But I think it looks good,” Zomegnan told The Times. Zomegnan presented Fenty, who is a cyclist himself, with a maglia rosa. “I believe it would be one of the most fabulous events ever to happen in Washington from an athletic discipline standpoint,” says Fenty.

Via Velo News.