pinit fg en rect gray 20   Frank Schleck is Pain Free After His Surgery, Returns to Training

frank schleck is pain free after his surgery returns to training   Frank Schleck is Pain Free After His Surgery, Returns to Training

Luxembourg-born Frank Schleck had an accident in the Amtel Gold Race, leaving him with knee pain throughout the 2009 season. He underwent surgery in September, and he now says that he doesn’t feel anymore pain and is ready to begin training again. “I’m really happy with it. I had surgery, then I spent five weeks off the bike. I started training slowly again, just cruising around, and today, I have no pain on the bike. So it should be alright,” Schleck says. Despite having knee problems, Schleck still was able to win stage 17 of the Tour de France and finishing fifth overall, but he was forced to drop out of the Vuelta due to the pain. “I had problems since April. It kept coming and going, we pushed it through the Tour and afterwards I went to see yet another specialist who said that it was a soft tissue problem. I asked him if I could damage it more by continuing to ride, and he said ‘no’, that I only had to stand the pain,” says Schleck. “So I wanted to ride the Vuelta and the Worlds before having my surgery. But in the Vuelta I was in a lot of pain again, and decided to stop it right there. I think that was the right decision,” he adds.