pinit fg en rect gray 20   Davide Rebellin Maintains His Innocence in Olympic Doping Case

davide rebellin maintains his innocence in olympic doping case   Davide Rebellin Maintains His Innocence in Olympic Doping Case

Italian Davide Rebellin plans to prove his innocence in regards to charges that he used the banned blood-booster CERA during the Beijing Olympics. “There is nothing to confess. I never used CERA,” he said to Italian Gazzetta dello Sport. “There will always be someone who will think that I doped. I respect that everyone has to say what he thinks. But I’m going to hold my head high,” he adds. Rebellin has already returned his silver medal since testing positive for EPO. Rebellin and his attorney are prepared to bring evidence to the table proving that he didn’t dope, finding that there are “too many mysteries in the affair” and “regulations not complied with, principles violated.” Despite the ongoing charges, Rebellin continues to train and plans to return to cycling. “The day after I heard the news I went out on my bike. And I have never stopped since then,” Rebellin said. “I always say to myself: Why did this thing happen to me? There are many questions. And I’ll prove, if I can, that I am innocent.”