pinit fg en rect gray 20   Danilo Di Luca Faces a Three Year Doping Ban

danilo di luca faces a three year doping ban   Danilo Di Luca Faces a Three Year Doping Ban

Italian Danilo Di Luca faces a three-year ban for doping after Italy’s anti-doping prosecutor today recommended so to the Italian Olympic Committee’s anti-doping tribunal. Di Luca tested positive twice for the banned blood booster EPO during the Giro d’Italia in May. He maintains his innocence even after testing positive both on May 20 and May 28th. Ettore Torri, the prosecutor, recommended the regular two-year sentence, plus one extra year for “aggravating circumstances.” If the ban does go into effect, it will be backdated to July 22, 2009, the date that Di Luca’s B-test. The prosecutor also asked that Di Luca be ordered to pay a fine.