pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bradley Wiggins is Confident About His 2010 Season

bradley wiggins is confident about his 2010 season   Bradley Wiggins is Confident About His 2010 Season

English cyclist Bradley Wiggins talks about his 2010 season, and also speaks about some of the competition, most notably Lance Armstrong. He recently spoke at a track meeting in Manchester, and said “I raced ’till very late in the season with the Sun Tour after the World Championships. To be honest it was perfect really as it extended my season and meant less time pissing around as I only had a small concentrated break, but still got everything out of my system that I needed to.” “It was my definitely my longest season and I did roughly a hundred days of racing,” Wiggins adds. He admits to gaining a bit of weight in the off season, attributing it to “lager.” “I had one bad day at the Tour this year and that happened to be when it was the day with the most mountains in it and everyone thought it was a weakness of mine but on some of the other stages I was really comfortable on the climbs. It will make for an interesting race and I still think I’m a better rider than Lance and a few of the other guys,” says Wiggins.