pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Commuters Gain Support in New York City

bike commuters gain support in new york city   Bike Commuters Gain Support in New York City

Cyclists in New York city are getting a new incentive to cycle to work, as a new law has come into effect. The law says that bicycles can be carried in freight elevators for workers in tower blocks, so they don’t have to leave their bike locked up down at the street. Employees can utilize this new law by calling for the implementation of a Bicycle Access Plan, which the company must follow unless they are exempt for certain reasons, such as there not being a freight lift, or safety hazards. This new law is part of the city’s efforts to get more people biking to work. If employees have a convenient way to lock up their bikes and store them, they are more likely to cycle to work. “A lack of secure bike access and parking at the office is one of the biggest deal-breakers for commuters who want to get to work by bike. While commuter cycling continues to grow, this new law unlocks a barrier that has stopped an untold number of bike commutes before they even started,” says Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City’s Transportation Commissioner.