pinit fg en rect gray 20   Benjamin Noval Wants to Help Alberto Contador at the Tour

benjamin noval wants to help alberto contador at the tour   Benjamin Noval Wants to Help Alberto Contador at the Tour

Spaniard Benjamin Noval is motivated to get to the 2010 Tour de France and help his teammate and friend, two-time Tour winner Alberto Contador. He promises to be there for Contador in the Tour in July, and he wants to regain his position as Contador’s “bodyguard.” “Just like a lot of fans, I believe that Astana didn’t work for Alberto during the last Tour. They were not united. In 2010, nevertheless, I am convinced that we are all going to be rowing in the same direction. We don’t have the stars like RadioShack does, but in the end, I believe we will be up to the job because all of us are clear on who is the leader, what the objective is and how our jobs are,” Noval told Spanish daily MARCA. Noval, nicknamed “el toro,” did not participate in 2009′s Tour because of the power struggle going on within the team. Noval doesn’t share the hard feeling for Lance Armstrong as Contador does. “He will be one year older, yes, but this year, after three years away from cycling, he reached the podium, that’s something impressive and in 2010, he will have no other goal than to win the Tour. I am sure that there is nothing else passing through his mind. I don’t doubt that he will improve even though I do not want to say he’s going to be on the same level as Contador,” he said. “I cannot say anything bad about Lance Armstrong because I know as a cyclist I learned a lot from him, but now I owe Contador, who is the best rider in the world. I am sure, as long as (Armstrong) believes he has possibilities to win, neither Klöden nor Leipheimer will have options, because Lance will not permit it. Before, when he was winning, there were big riders on the team, but the only leader was him,” he added.

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