pinit fg en rect gray 20   Astanas First Camp to be Held Next Week

astanas first camp to be held next week   Astanas First Camp to be Held Next Week

Astana will be holding their first camp next week in Pisa, Italy, December 9th through 16th. This means that two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador will get the chance to have his first actual face-to-face meeting with the re-vamped Astana since deciding to stay there in 2010. With Lance Armstrong and several other riders going to team RadioShack, Contador will no doubt be looking for who’s still there that can help him earn his third Tour victory. Astana’s 2010 roster so features Assan Bazayev, Alberto Contador, Valeriy Dmitriyev, Alexandr Dyachenko, David De la Fuente, Dmitry Fofonov, Maxim Gurov, Andriy Grivko, Josep Jufré, Jesús Hernández, Maxim Iglinskiy, Valentin Iglinskiy, Enrico Gasparotto, Romana Kireyev, Daniel Navarro, Benjamín Noval, Bolat Raimbekov, Sergey Renev, Mirko Salvaggi, Gorazd Stangelj, Paolo Tiralongo, Alexandre Vinokourov, and Zeits Andrey.

Via Velo News.