pinit fg en rect gray 20   Andy Schleck Collides with a Car, No Injuries

andy schleck collides with car no injuries   Andy Schleck Collides with a Car, No Injuries

Luxembourg cyclist Andy Schleck was involved in a collision with a car on Saturday, but luckily, he escaped without injury. Schleck posted on his Twitter that he is not seriously injured: “There was a car who did not see me and I could not avoid the crash. I think he has more damage on his car than me.” After being checked out, doctors confirm that Schleck has not broken bones or serious injuries. When the accident happened, Schleck was on his way to meet up his brother, Frank, for a training ride. A car, going about 35kph, came into Schleck’s path. “It was very cold and I decided to put on a lot of winter clothes. That also helped that nothing happened to me. A car pulled in front of me and there was nothing I could do. The door ended up destroyed and the window on the driver’s side and the windshield were broken,” he said. The driver was not seriously injured either. Schleck will be working with his personal trainer, and should be able to resume training in a few days.

Via Velo News.