pinit fg en rect gray 20   Alberto Contador Expresses Confidence with Astana

alberto contador expresses confidence with astana   Alberto Contador Expresses Confidence with Astana

Two-time defending Tour de France champion looks very confident that his new “revamped” Astana team will be able to support him in winning a third Tour. Even though Lance Armstrong and about a dozen of his ex-teammates gone to team RadioShack, Contador says that he will make the best of what’s “left behind.” “In 2010, we will not have such important names as we did in 2009, but even though we’ve only been together a few days, I am very happy about my teammates. I have a very good impression, everyone is very motivated and I believe we will have a potent team for the Tour,” Contador said today at a press conference. When asked about his stand on seven-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong, he simply replied that he has “no problem” with him.

Via Velo News.