trek armored u lock bike lock   Trek Armored U Lock Bike Lock

These days, going to any destination where you must leave your bike even for a few moments requires you to lock it up; that is, if you want to keep your bike. U-Locks have always been a favorite amongst cyclists. The Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock is sure to keep your baby safe. It’s 13mm high-grade steel shackle and crossbar provide the protection necessary. Fortunately, the creators of this lock went beyond an ordinary steel lock. A rotating dust cover keeps dirt and or whatever else from getting into the key entryway. If you’re worried about your lock being picked by a crafty person, don’t worry; the Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock features a new and improved high security disc cylinder that provides increased protection from picking. A $1,500 anti-theft protection offer comes with the Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock. The Trek Armored U-Lock Bike Lock retails for $54.99 – $59.99 at the Trek online store.