pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sven Nys Gets 50th Superprestige Win

sven nys gets 50th superprestige win   Sven Nys Gets 50th Superprestige Win

Sven Nys, Belgian cyclo-cross champion, has won his 50th career win in the Superprestige series today. His win came about in the fifth round in Gieten. He is off to a bit of a slower start, as this is only his fifth of the season, which may be due to his summer mountain bike racing. “I’ve been waiting on my 50th Superprestige victory, but [today] it was a deserved victory. This is a ‘cross for riders with power. Normally I do not like those, because of lack of technical sections. But today I immediately had good sensations. I quickly took the lead and did not let up. If the condition is good, you can ride away from the rest,” says Nys. There are only three more races left in the series, and Nys has an opportunity to earn his 10th overall win in the series. After his victory, fans of his were waiting with a trophy with the number 50 on it, which Nys grabbed and rode with.

Via CyclingNews.