pinit fg en rect gray 20   Stuart OGrady Released from Hospital After Collapsing

stuart o grady released from hospital after collapsing   Stuart OGrady Released from Hospital After Collapsing

Stuart O’Grady was released Wednesday from a Spanish hospital after collapsing at a MotoGP event. Australian Cycling Federation officials say that O’Grady suffered a seizure after a “hot lap,” and that the stress on his body may have been what caused it. Following an MRI scan and a series of tests, O’Grady was given the green light to leave. “When the ride finished of course I could feel my heart rate soaring, my blood pressure rising, but I didn’t give it much more thought. But then I started having blotchy vision and 20 minutes later I had a seizure and collapsed. It was possibly the extreme ‘hyper tension’ or maybe an old scar on my brain from one of my previous crashes but there’s no use speculating or guessing, it’s happened and that’s that,” says O’Grady. We’re glad he’s out of the hospital and OK! “It takes more than one lap to get rid of me,” O’Grady says.

Via Velo News.