pinit fg en rect gray 20   Stuart OGrady Collapses at MotoGP in Spain

stuart o grady collapses at motogp in spain   Stuart OGrady Collapses at MotoGP in Spain

Australian cyclist Stuart O’Grady has been admitted to a Spanish hospital after collapsing at a MotoGP circuit in Valencia, Spain. 36-year-old Saxo Bank rider O’Grady had just finished taking a hot-lap around the race circuit and was being introduced to MotoGP riders by Australian MotoGP racer Casey Stoner. Cycling South Australia executive manager Max Stevens says “Casey Stoner started to interview Stuart and introducing him to these people,” said Stevens. “Stuart couldn’t answer the questions and then he collapsed. They called the medical team and luckily he had the doctors on standby for the race. We’ll know more in the next couple of days. Ann-Marie, his wife, is at home in Monaco and we’re getting all this information through third parties. O’Grady has dealt with health issues throughout his 14-year career, including surgery in 2002 to remove a blockage in his iliac artery which caused a power imbalance in his legs. Check back soon for more news on Stuart O’Grady’s status.

Via BikeRadar.