pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spank Scented Grips

spank scented grips   Spank Scented Grips

You know its the sign of the times when a company is making scented bike grips, and Spank will have these available for 2010. Each Spank Scented Grip will smell like either a fruit or whatever is closets to the grip color, except for black (Magic Black) which does not contain a smell. The “smells” available are apple red, grape purple, berry blue, zesty orange, and vanilla white. Spank Scented Grips also have a DE-BOSSED pattern, allowing you to have more contact with the grips. Length of the grips are 145mm and also has expander caps using stainless steel hardware. You might want to make note that the grips are not lock ons, so depending on your riding you may want to reconsider purchase. Available in the UK for £7.99.

Source: Pink Bike