pinit fg en rect gray 20   Redline Urbis 2010

redline urbis   Redline Urbis 2010

Redline Bicycles is introducing the Redline Urbis for 2010 in efforts of satisfying the fixed gear rider who is looking for more of a bmx feel in a fixie. The Redline Urbis made its debut at InterBike Las Vegas in 2009, instantly catching the attention of fixed gear enthusiast. By design, the Urbis enables its rider freestyle capability. Redline has accomplished this by incorporating a MTB straight leg chromoly fork, NEW Redline Microline crank with Isis BB spindle, and Redline low rise cruiser bars. In addition, Redline has equipped the Urbis with a 140mm front mechanical disc brake. For barspin type tricks, the brake cable on Redline’s freestyle fixed gear bike is routed through the stem so riders can spin away. Gray in color with minimal graphics, the Urbis is urban fitted for eager freestyle fixed riders.

redline urbis 1   Redline Urbis 2010

redline urbis 2   Redline Urbis 2010

redline urbis 3   Redline Urbis 2010