pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rashaan Bahati, Former US Champion, Forms New US Pro Team

rashaan bahati former us champion forms new us pro team   Rashaan Bahati, Former US Champion, Forms New US Pro Team

Rashaan Bahati, former US Pro Criterium champion, has announced today that he has formed a new US Pro team. The team is called the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team, registered by Transcend Sports, a partnership between Colorado Premier Training RAHA Sports Management. The Bahati Foundation team announced in a press release that they are “currently in negotiation with three Pro Tour riders who will add great depth, experience and leadership to a new program.” Having grown up in Compton, California, a very tough area of Los Angeles, Bahati’s team will be focusing on helping underpriveledged kids to rise up above their circumstances. Bahati, after spending the last few years with the Rock Racing Team, says that he will not be racing next year, not even for his own team;

“I’m just on the management side of the team and ownership. That could be it for me. I was looking to ride next year and had a few conversations with some teams but it never worked out.

“I wanted to continue, however I’m happy with how my cycling career has gone. I’m happy to say I can stop and not regret a thing. Our budget is set so I won’t be riding as part of this team.”

Keep checking back for info on who the three Pro Tour riders will be.

Via BikeRadar.