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premium rush bike messenger movie   Premium Rush   Bike Messenger Movie

You may or may not heard about the movie Premium Rush, which is about a bike messenger. More than likely you have seen a bike messenger doing his/her job, unless you don’t live in or by a metropolitan city, and with bike messengers, you are dodging cars, have to worry about doors opening, or plain rude people. Creating a movie that will be good, and take the true reality of bike messaging is tough, unless you bring David Koepp to the table. Koepp who is a screen writer and directed has had his hands on the following movies: Toy Soldiers, Jurassic Park, Carlito’s Way, Panic Room, Spider-Man, War of the Worlds, Indiana Jones, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Premium Rush is expected to be David Koepp transition to directing, while others say he should stay to screenwriting (we won’t include the rude comments).