pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pedro Horrillo Slowly Recovering After Huge Crash at Giro

pedro horrillo slowly recovering from huge fall at giro   Pedro Horrillo Slowly Recovering After Huge Crash at Giro

Spanish cyclist Pedro Horrillo was seriously injured in a 180-foot fall in this year’s Giro d’Italia. Horrillo fell over a guard rail during stage 8, but he doesn’t know what actually caused the accident. Nobody saw him fall into the ravine, but other cyclists found his bike along the road. It took rescuers about 20 minutes to rescue Horrillo. As a result of the fall, Horrillo suffered from a broken femur, vertebrae, kneecap, and a punctured lung. Rabobank’s doctors said that it was Pedro’s “large musculature” that saved his life. Horrillo is back on his bike after months of rehabilitation. He will possibly be making a comeback in 2010, but that is yet to be known. “I don’t want to obsess about (a comeback). I don’t want to take a decision too soon and have it be the wrong one. I have given myself until the end of the year and in December, I will decide. The team’s waiting for my decision, but I still haven’t made one,” says Horrillo. Stay tuned to see if Pedro Horrillo will be back next season.

Via Velo News.