pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oscar Pereiro Explains Reasons for Moving to Astana

oscar pereiro explains reasons for moving to astana   Oscar Pereiro Explains Reasons for Moving to Astana

Oscar Pereiro has recently gave an explanation behind his move to Astana for the 2010 season. The Spaniard basically said that he didn’t want to end his career in a “feed zone.” I don’t think that a rider who has won the Tour de France should retire in a feed zone but should find some other way of doing so.That’s why I’ve decided to take up the chance to ride for another year and quit when the time is right,” Pereiro tells the Galician newspaper El Progreso. He said that he committed to Astana two weeks ago, but was waiting to make it public until it was decided that Alberto Contador was staying with the team. “I’m not a rider who is going to be a candidate to win the Tour year after year. I am one of the best riders in the race as I’ve shown, apart from in the last two years, by finishing in the top 10. However, apart from in very unusual circumstances as was the case in 2006, it would be very difficult for me to win the Tour… I was the first to admit that I wasn’t going to win the Tour again,” Pereiro says.

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