pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mickael Bourgain Injured in Grenoble Six Day Crash

mickael bourgain injured in grenoble six day crash   Mickael Bourgain Injured in Grenoble Six Day Crash

French sprinter Mickael Bourgain, bronze medalist in the sprint at the Beijing Olympic Games, will be forced to miss the next two UCI Track World Cups due to an injury received this week at the Six Day event in Grenoble. Bourgain had fallen during a match sprint against Gregory Bauge on Monday at the Professional Sprint series. Mickael ended up with a type 3 shoulder separation, but he won’t need surgery. Of the injury, Bourgain says;

“I will be immobilised for two weeks in a sling and then we’ll see how the bump has changed, but apparently this could be lengthy. It could be four to six weeks before I can pull on the handlebars. The World Cups in Cali and Melbourne are not worth thinking about. I hope to race the final in Beijing. We’ll see if I am ready in time.”

Bourgain will undergo further examinations tomorrow to make sure that no other muscles or ligaments were injured in the crash. Check back for updates on Mickael Bourgain’s condition.