pinit fg en rect gray 20   MADE: An Inspirational Mountain Bike Film

made an inspirational mountain bike film   MADE: An Inspirational Mountain Bike Film

The film MADE is about a group of skilled riders who conquer downhill challenges using mountain bikes. It is action packed with a combo of travel, racing and riding in HD for a real mind-stimulating experience. The downhillers that appear in MADE include some of the world’s best cyclist. Greg Minnaar, Steve Peat, Sam Hill, Josh Bryceland, Brendan Fairclough, Steve Smith, Filip Polc, Ben Reid and Andrew Neethling are just a few riders found in MADE. The movie takes place around the world with footage from UCI World Cups, the World Championships, the British National Champs and the Megavalanche (to name a few). Look for this at your local bike shops beginning December 1, 2009, its official release date.