kryptonite new york 3000 u lock   Kryptonite New York 3000 U Lock

If your bicycle means anything at all to you, and it probably does, then its worth it to invest in security. The best way to do that is with a lock, of course. An old lock will do, but thieves are getting pretty crafty out there, bringing tools to cut locks. In high-traffic, urban areas such as college campuses, the Kryptonite New York 3000 U Lock will do you a lot of good. Its 16mm through-hardened KryptoniumTM steel shackle actually resists bolt cutters and other leverage attacks. The crossbar features a hardened steel sleeve for extra security, and a double deadbolt locking system makes sure the lock stays locked. It even comes with a lighted key for use in the dark. The Kryptonite New York 3000 U Lock can be purchased at Chain Reaction Cycles $102.01.