pinit fg en rect gray 20   Joop Alberda Will Take Over as Manager of Cervelo in January 2010

joop alberda will take over as manager of cervelo in january 2010   Joop Alberda Will Take Over as Manager of Cervelo in January 2010

The Cervelo TestTeam has announced today that Joop Alberda will be stepping in to take the reigns of managing director. He will start on January 1st, 2010, and will be taking the place of German Thomas Campana. The 58-year-old Alberda is a former athlete himself, and “is considered one of the most renowned sports managers in the Netherlands,” the team says. He was the coach of the Dutch men’s volleyball team at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, bringing home the gold medal at “ an event that so galvanized the country that the Dutch consider it the top sports event of the previous century.” “We’re very excited that Joop will join the team. Having introduced innovations to many different sports as a coach and manager, and understanding that all of our goals are equally important, Joop will be able to bring ongoing innovation and success in all these areas, and we look forward to building the right structure to accomplish this with him,” says Cervelo co-founder Jerard Vroomen. “I am honoured to have the opportunity to enter the world of cycling, one of the world’s major sports. I am inspired by the values of the team, the high potential of the riders and the incredible technological aspects of the products made by Cervélo and the TestTeam’s technology partners,” says Alberda of his new job.

Via CyclingNews.