pinit fg en rect gray 20   Floyd Landis Leaving Team OUCH

floyd landis leaving team ouch   Floyd Landis Leaving Team OUCH

Floyd Landis, who served a suspension for a doping charge from the 2006 Tour de France, has returned to the road at the 2009 Tour of California. He will reportedly be leaving his current team OUCH, terminating his contract for the remainder of 2009 and 2010. Momentum Sports Group, who owns and operates team OUCH, says that Landis wants to race in longer European races, which the team will not be doing in 2010. “I wish to thank all of the sponsors for their support this year. I would also like to thank everyone at Momentum Sports Group. While I’m excited to pursue other opportunities, I will miss all of my teammates and everyone on staff,” says Landis. Landis is rumored to be signing with Rock Racing for 2010, but a spokesperson for the team has said that they haven’t signed any new riders for 2010, nor do they have any news of it. Stay tuned to see where Floyd Landis ends up.

Via BikeRadar.