pinit fg en rect gray 20   e*thirteen Limited Red Rocket Chain Retention

e thirteen limited red rocket chain retention   e*thirteen Limited Red Rocket Chain Retention

Since 2006, e*thirteen has released a new limited edition chain retention in a different color, and this year is known as red rocket. Released around the world to select e*thirteen retailers (see list below), but you must note that once the retailer sells out, you will have to find yours either on eBay or another source. The e*thirteen Limited Red Rocket Chain Retention will release in the SRS+ and SS+ models, using the patent pending impact flexure bashguard. Retailers have already placed orders, and you can go to one of the shops on the list to pre-order, which they will receive December 1st, but not release until 2010.

e*thirteen Retailers partaking in the Limited Colorway Releases:
Quality Bicycle Products (USA)
Norco Products (Canada)
Katmar Bike Center (Czech Republic)
Eastern Solar (China)
Tarmin Oy (Finland)
Bagus Bike (Indonesia)
Time Trading (Malaysia)
KRD Imports (New Zealand)
Fun Fancy (Japan)
Silverfish UK (United Kingdom)