pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chances High That Contador Will Stay With Astana

chances high that contador will remain with astana   Chances High That Contador Will Stay With Astana

While Alberto Contador enjoys his vacation in the Caribbean, he will be back to work deciding where he’s going to ride for next year. His brother and manager, Francisco Contador, says that it is likely that his brother will stay with Astana, but if so, it will only cover the 2010 season. Francisco told the Spanish Biciclismo that the work of Yvon Sanquer, team boss of Astana, is resulting in a “good impression” of the team’s progress. Alberto and his brother will begin talking about what they will do when Alberto returns home to Madrid on Thursday. As far as the rumors go about a multi-year, 8 million euro-a-year offer from Astana goes, Contador says that they’re all fake. “It’s incredible. This weekend I was in Florence relaxing with my wife so it was impossible for me to have met with anyone as was said, and the figures and years mentioned were also lies. They’ve got nothing to do with reality‚Ķ It’s like someone reporting now that Alberto is going to sign for Contentpolis-AMPO,” says Contador. Keep checking back for updates.

Via CyclingNews.