pinit fg en rect gray 20   Alberto Contador Rumored To Have Big Deal With Astana

alberto contador rumored to have big deal with astana   Alberto Contador Rumored To Have Big Deal With Astana

A lot of turmoil has erupted lately over whether or not Spaniard Alberto Contador will stay with Astana, and where he will go if he leaves. The European media is saying that the two-time Tour de France champion is likely to stay with Astana. Belgian newspaper Het Nieusblad reports that Astana has offered Contador a new contract worth a whopping 8 million euros per season. Contador’s brother, Francisco, confirms that Astana has offered his brother a sum too large to turn down. Of the issue, Contador says “I hope to definitely decide about my future this week.” Contador has also asked Astana to allow him to break his contract if any of the team’s riders test positive for doping. As of now, he’s vacationing in Curacao after winning a criterium there. Stay tuned for more information.

Via Velo News.