pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek 2010 6 Series Madone

trek 2010 6 series madone   Trek 2010 6 Series Madone

The Trek 2010 6 Series Madone, also known as “The One,” is packed with state-of-the-art technology. The 2010 Madone is 150 grams lighter than the previous model of 2009. The front end is 17% stiffer, which allows for better confidence while handling at high speeds. The bottom bracket is 90mm, instead of the average 68mm, which allows for faster takeoff, acceleration, and climbing. The fork of the Trek 2010 6 Series Madone is also unique, being the first asymmetric fork. The new fork is 30 grams lighter, with 15% more frontal compliance, and 20% more lateral stiffness. Basically, the Trek 2010 6 Series Madone is a state-of-the-art bicycle, utilizing the most updated and innovative technology available.

Via Trek.