pinit fg en rect gray 20   Silk Route Bike Tour 2010   Across the Asian Continent

silk route bike tour 2010 across the asian continent   Silk Route Bike Tour 2010   Across the Asian Continent

The Silk Route bike tour for 2010, a 114 day excursion across Asia on a bike, is set for May 22 and will continue through September 12 of 2010. At a closer look, of the 114 day excursion, 92 days will be allocated to cycling the route, 22 days will be reserved for rest, and a boat ride across the Caspian sea will eat up the remaining 1 day left. Following the 114 day regime is not mandatory, however. Participants with a cap on time have the option to buy into a portion of the tour instead.

Cyclists who participate will be traveling and setting up camp, many times in various hotels or tents, around the same path Marco Polo, General Zhang Qian and Genghis Khan once used, for an the experience and challenge of a lifetime. The complete tour will run through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China. As they make their way across Asia, riders will be enlightened by an array of local cuisines, culture, and natives.

The Silk Route tour is a race with competitive cyclists but there are many riders who enter in for a non-competitive ride. A typical day starts by packing up at 7:30a, followed by breakfast before groups breakup and haul off. Participants should possess the ability to ride 65 miles everyday and a desire to be challenged by the occasional unexpected endeavor.

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