pinit fg en rect gray 20   Santini Dart 2010 Collection

santini dart 2010 collection 1   Santini Dart 2010 Collection

The 2010 Dart collection by Santini consists of a soft shell windstopper jacket, a long sleeve jersey with full reversed zip, and Bibtights.

Santini’s cycling jacket within the Dart collection for 2010 offers its riders breathability through Gore Windstopper material. The jacket is also water and wind resistant. Its design features reflective print on the shoulders, sides, and elbows for an increase of visibility on the road. For storage, Santini has equipped its jacket with elastic cuffs at the end of each sleeve and one pocket that zips shut, located on the rear of the jacket. The Santini Dart soft shell jacket is best suited for cool weather ranging from 20°F – 40°F. Only two different color ways will be available to choose from, black or white.

santini dart 2010 collection 2   Santini Dart 2010 Collection

The Santini Dart long sleeve jersey with a full reversed zip uses tight-fitting Thermastat Thermoroubaix fabric, which helps users of the jersey maintain a comfortable temperature. It best serves its rider in conditions above 40°F. Santini’s jersey also features built-in reflectors throughout it. For storage, the jersey incorporates three pockets at the rear. The jersey is available in red, blue, and black.

santini dart 2010 collection 3   Santini Dart 2010 Collection

The 2010 Santini Dart bibtights are padded with gel for additional comfort. They uses Windstopper Soft Shell on the front with thermofleece on the back. This exceptionally breathable bibtights were made for temperatures under 55°F. They are available in black or white color schemes and come trimmed out with reflectors.