pinit fg en rect gray 20   Retro Fuji T Shirt

retro fuji t shirt   Retro Fuji T Shirt

Yes, the Retro Fuji T-Shirt has been out since summer. But, we decided to go ahead and feature it anyway – partly because we weren’t around to cover it then. We think it really illustrates Fuji’s efforts of embracing the urban bike culture scene. Fuji is becoming more of a prominent player among city cyclists through its “casual apparel” section and 2010 Fuji bike models over the past year. Take the 2010 Fuji Feather fixed gear bike for example. The 100% cotton Retro Fuji T-Shirt comes in white or black for both men and women with sizes ranging from small to XXL.

retro fuji t shirt 1   Retro Fuji T Shirt