pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prologo Choice Saddle for 2010

porlogo choice saddle for 2010   Prologo Choice Saddle for 2010

Prologo’s Choice saddle features a unique design, which allows its riders the “choice” to modify the saddle to his or her taste. For example, the Choice’s cover can easily be removed through Prologo’s pattened c-lock system and replaced with one that provides additional comfort and/or color way for those longer rides. The covers are made from “ultra light DU double” fabric, which is lighter than most foam padding material on today’s market. In addition to Prologo’s revolutionary “c-lock system” found on its Choice, the saddle is designed to maximize the amount of air flow around the crotch area. The saddle makers term this its “c-air system “. The easily modifiable saddles are available in five different colored covers to choose from.