frank vandenbroucke died of natural causes senegalese doctor says   Pro Cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke Died of Natural Causes, Senegalese Doctor Says

Following the autopsy of pro cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke, we now know that he tragically died of natural causes. More specifically, a double pulmonary embolism, as well as a pre-existing heart condition, says the Senegalese pathologist. Vandenbroucke had gone to Senegal with his friend, fellow cyclist Fabio Polazzi. Senegalese police have arrested three people on Tuesday in Thies for stealing Mr. Vandenbroucke’s money, two cell phones, and a watch. The three people were Seynabou Diop, the prostitute who was with Vandenbroucke in his hotel room that night, her pimp, and also the taxi driver who took Diop to meet Frank on that Sunday. Vandenbroucke’s autopsy also revealed injection marks in his left arm. The police also found alcohol, drugs, and syringes in Frank’s hotel room. His body will be sent to Belgium in the next few days, with a funeral date not yet set. May the 34-year-old rest in peace.