pinit fg en rect gray 20   Kryptonite Modulus Security System

kryptonite modulus security system   Kryptonite Modulus Security System

Kryptonite, the creators of the famous U-Lock, are changing the game once again with their Modulus Security System. Throughout a cyclist’s busy day, he or she may have to make several stops. A myriad of different situations would make locking up your bike with a standard U-Lock or other locking mechanism a pretty tough task. There may come times when you must lock up to a full bike rack, or when you must lock up to a tree, pole, or other stationary object. The Kryptonite Modulus Security System is here to solve the problem with their line of innovative cable locks. The Modulus system adapts to just about any situation, with its adjustable length with two locking ports. A double dead bolt mechanism holds the two cable ends in place, and a spring loaded design allows each end to be locked and removed independently. A wafer-style cylinder with double-cut keys means that riders to not have to fret over which way the key is inserted. The cables of the Kryptonite Modulus Security System are built with 10mm braided steel, and are available either straight or coiled. Coiled cables are easier for riders to transport, while straight cables are more flexible, and they work better in colder climates. A bracket system is included with the Kryptonite Modulus Security System, which can mount to the bicycle in two ways, via the “no tools needed” strap or attaching to the water bottle braze-on. Look for the Kryptonite Modulus Security System to hit stores this month!