pinit fg en rect gray 20   John Murphy Signs Two Year Deal With BMC

john murphy signs two year deal with bmc   John Murphy Signs Two Year Deal With BMC

John Murphy, United States Criterium champion, signs a two year deal with BMC racing team. He will be living in Europe, as most of the 2010 schedule will be there. Murphy signed the deal in Mid-September after talks with team manager Gavin Chillcot and directeur sportif Mike Sayers. Murphy says that the team feels he would be a great Classics rider;

“Help in the Classics: that’s what I think I’m on the team for and it’s where I can help the most. Hopefully I can do my job whatever that is, whether it’s fetching bottles or leading out sprints. I’m up for whatever.”

The Spring Classics are scheduled to start Italy’s Milan-Sanremo, stay tuned to see how John Murphy is fairing!