pinit fg en rect gray 20   Frank Vandenbroucke Laid to Rest in Belgium

frank vandenbroucke laid to rest in belgium   Frank Vandenbroucke Laid to Rest in Belgium

Frank Vandenbroucke, who died at 34 in Senegal of a pulmonary embolism, has finally been laid to rest in his home town of Ploegsteert, Belgium, early this morning. The funeral was held at the church of Saints Peter and Paul. While the funeral itself was private to only friends and family, thousands of fans showed up outside and watched the ceremony on screens outside the church. Fellow cyclists Patrick Lefevere, Wilfried Peeters, Johan Museeuw, Leif Hoste and Peter Van Petegem all showed up to pay their respects, and Nico Mattan, Vandenbroucke’s former teammate at Cofidis, was a pallbearer and helped to carry the coffin into the service. Frank’s body was transported to a nearby Ploegsteert cemetary for burial after the ceremony. Rest in Peace Frank Vandenbroucke.

Via Cycling News.