pinit fg en rect gray 20   DMR Wingbar Handlebars Safety Recall

dmr wingbar handlebars safety recall   DMR Wingbar Handlebars Safety Recall

DMR has announced a safety recall on the Wingbar handlebars, to be precise the malfunction is accruing to the 25.4mm anodized alloy wingbars sold as a aftermarket part. Released in black, gray, green, purple, red, and blue, each handlebar has the DMR logo lasered on the left side. Sadly the bars are prone to cracking, and could snap in half.

DMR has said the following handlebars are not affected:
• DMR Alloy Wingbar – 31.8mm with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Alloy Wingbar with ‘classic graphics’
• DMR Cro-Mo Wingbar with a brace
• DMR Heat treated Cro-Mo Wingbar
• Any DMR bar fitted to a DMR complete bike

If you have purchased one of the affected handlebars, please contact DMR by phone: 01403 711 611, or by email: