pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca

cinelli ram bar bianca   Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca

Cinelli produces a number of products, both bicycles and components. The Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca is just apart of Cinelli’s RAM project. They are made with a multi-layered structure of T700 High Modulus Carbon Fiber for a very strong handlebar. As the name implies, the Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca take the shape of a ram. The drops are bent in such a way as to allow a variable radius, utilizing Cinelli’s Variable Radius Concept (VRC). Three hand positions are available; nest zone to “nest” the palm in high position on the brake levers, thumb zone, which supports the thumb near the stem, and the lower section, which is extended to allow for a better grip. The Cinelli Ram Bar Bianca weigh 230 grams, and are available in 40, 42, and 44 cm.

Via Cinelli.