pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campy 11 Speed Jacket

campy 11 speed jacker   Campy 11 Speed Jacket

Campy is introducing a a new jacket to its 11 Speed line-up. The Campy 11 Speed Jacket is highly visible from a far. It is lined with a light-weight breathable material – Phase Change Material (PCM)┬« – which was designed to insure maximum comfort by regulating temperature. Campy’s Entrant┬« DT Toray fabric technology, which composes the outer shell of the Campy 11 Speed Jacket, gives the jacket its waterproof, windproof, and moisture permeable abilities at no risk to its light-weight design. The jacket will be offered in two different color schemes (white/black and beige/black) with integrated safety reflectors. Campy’s 11 Seed Jacket isn’t cheap, however. MSRP: $600

campy 11 speed jacket 1   Campy 11 Speed Jacket
campy 11 speed jacket 2   Campy 11 Speed Jacket